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17.4.2024 Statement: Decision Impacting Students' Livelihood

Discover how the government's choices may impact students' financial stability and why it's crucial for us to address this matter. Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf, Chair of the O'Diako Board, sheds light on the government's proposals regarding student housing support in her statement. Read the full text and share your opinions!

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9.4.2024 Sattement: Against the sale of the Saiku Student House

The city of Pori proudly promotes itself as Finland's premier student destination and has actively engaged students in its urban development strategy. However, it's now paradoxically selling the city's sole communal space for all students. This move contradicts the city's strategic vision, leading to a decline in its credibility among students. Learn more about SAMMAKKO, Pointer, and O'Diako's united opposition to the sale of Satakunta Student House Saikku and its potential impact on student life in Pori.

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20.2.2024 Statement: The draft regulations concerning the renewal of the funding model of universities of applied sciences

Explore O'Diako's response to the Ministry of Education and Culture's draft, which influences students' financial support and higher education. Discover the potential impact of government proposals on tuition fees and funding models for students' daily lives and future prospects. Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf, Chair of the O'Diako board, shares insights and concerns in the response. Read the entire statement and have your say!

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13.10.2023 Statement: Ensuring Students' Financial Security

As students take on more work alongside their studies, their ability to concentrate may suffer, raising the risk of dropping out. Financial difficulties among students could worsen due to cuts in study support, and proposed reductions in mental health services by the government add to these concerns. Diak University of Applied Sciences leaders, Elina Juntunen and Sanja Laitinen, stress the importance of supporting students holistically. Explore their insights and share your thoughts!

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8.12.2022 Tuition Fees and Scholarship System: A Threat to Student Equality


The Ministry of Finance's suggestion to enhance university funding through tuition fees has ignited a robust conversation. Student unions ASK, Helga, HUMAKO, Laureamko, and O'Diako express worries about how this proposal might affect financially vulnerable students, raising concerns about the accessibility of education and students' financial well-being. Delve deeper into their perspectives and proposed solutions!

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