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Statement: Ensuring Students' Financial Security


As students take on part-time jobs while studying, their ability to focus on their studies may suffer. This could lead to higher dropout rates, delayed graduation, and burnout. Students deserve time for hobbies and well-being beyond just getting by.

Some students rely on adult education allowances to fund their studies. Many worry that changes to these allowances could disrupt their financial stability.

Already burdened with loans for housing and groceries, students face even greater challenges as housing support decreases, leaving less money for nutritious food.

While cuts to support programs may heighten students' financial anxiety and affect their mental well-being, the government is also considering reductions in mental health services. Supporting students' mental health is crucial for their academic success and overall well-being, and this cannot be achieved by cutting essential services.

Investing in students benefits society as a whole by producing skilled professionals and advocates for positive change. The students of today are the future leaders who will keep our society thriving. It is our collective responsibility to provide them with the support they need during this crucial time.

Elina Juntunen
CEO, Rector
Diakonia University of Applied Sciences

Sanja Laitinen
Board Member, Student
Diakonia University of Applied Sciences

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