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Central Election Committee

The Central Election Committee (CEC) is a vital part of the O'Diako student union, responsible for managing the elections of the student representative council. Their job is to ensure that elections run smoothly and the results are fair.


  • The committee oversees the entire process of the representative council elections.

  • They make sure that all rules and laws about elections are followed properly.

  • Setting up polling stations and counting votes are also part of their duties.

  • They communicate important information and provide guidance related to the elections.

How to Apply:

Would you like to have a say in how the student union works? Apply now to join the Central Election Committee:

Application Process:

  1. Application Period: Applications are accepted until the 26.5. Keep an eye on the student union's social media or website for updates.

  2. Submitting Your Application: Fill out the application form provided on the student union's website and send it in.

  3. Eligibility: Typically, any member of the student union can apply to be part of the Central Election Committee.

  4. Selection: Members of the committee are usually chosen by the student union's representative council. They review applications and hold a selection meeting.

Need more information or want to talk about it further? Feel free to reach out to previous committee members or other active members of the student union. They're happy to help and answer any questions you have!

Get involved in shaping your student community and apply for the Central Election Committee!

Central Election Committee Application

We're looking for new members for the O’Diako Central Election Committee. It's made up of a chairperson and two (2) to ten (10) other members. The committee chooses a vice-chairperson from within. All members need to be part of the student union but can't run in the representative elections. Anyone from any O’Diako campus can apply.


The committee’s job is to organize the student union's representative elections following the rules, including any extra elections.




The selections happen during the representative council meeting on May 27, 2024. Applicants are welcome to introduce themselves. We'll let applicants know the exact time later. We'll also inform everyone about the selections through email and on our website at Please complete the application form ( by Wednesday, May 26, 2024, by 11:55 PM.




Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf

Chairperson of the Board

+35845325 9997


Adel Rizvi

Executive Director





O’Diako Student Union Rules Election Regulations

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