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Sattement: Against the sale of the Saiku Student House

The City of Pori prides itself on being Finland's top student city and has involved students in its plans. But it's contradictory to this image when they put up the only place where all students gather for sale. This move has hurt their trust with students. To stay true to their plan, the city should take the Saikku Student House off the selling list.

Pointer, SAMMAKKO, and O'Diako are against selling the Satakunta Student House Saikku. If Saikku is sold, it'll harm student life in Pori, damaging our sense of togetherness and hurting student groups financially, as they'd have to rent spaces elsewhere.

As student unions and associations, we've put a lot into keeping Saikku going, both financially and through our efforts. If it's sold, all that effort will be lost. Saikku is vital for student unions, a place where bonds are formed and cherished memories made. It's the only spot where all students come together. Selling it would mean losing a big part of Pori's student culture.

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