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O'Diako's news

9th April 2024

New Executive Director has been appointed!

The new Executive Director is Adel Rizvi at

26th February 2024 

Who do you think is the Teacher of the Year?

The Finnish Student Union SAMOK is once again awarding the Teacher of the Year prize this year. The final selection will be made by the panel, but before that, we need your input!

Therefore, nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Year by March 8, 2024, at 10 a.m. via the form below. The theme for this year's Teacher of the Year vote is promoting a positive image of university of applied sciences. We are looking for a teacher who, in their work, develops the university of applied sciences degree, encourages students, highlights the importance of the university of applied sciences degree, and proudly represents the university of applied sciences teacher!

14th February 2024

Starting from February 19, 2024, the new customer service hours are:

Mon - Thu 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

(1st floor, student lounge)

12th February 2024

Customer service will be closed this week (February 12th - 16th) due to strikes.

5th February 2024

New Executive Director and Specialist have been appointed!

The new Executive Director is Emilia Jalaja at

The new Community Specialist is Kaisu Ojala at

22nd December 2024


Complaint Regarding the Impact of Procurement Law on Service Providers' Rights in the Tendering of Interpretation Services for Disabled Individuals

Some interpreter students at Diakonia University of Applied Sciences have filed a complaint. This complaint, brought to the attention of O'Diako's chairperson by Sini Niemi from the interpreter center, concerns the application of procurement law in the tendering process for interpretation services for people with disabilities. At the request of the interpreter students, Karri Soppi, a lecturer and study counselor at Diakonia University of Applied Sciences, has forwarded the complaint. The drafting of the complaint has received assistance from Anna Zibellini, a labor law attorney at Akava Special Sectors, and the sign language interpreter working group of the Language Experts Association.

On behalf of Diakonia University of Applied Sciences' student union, O'Diako,

Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf

Chairperson of the Board of O'Diako

12th December 2023

The 2024 board has been organized!

The chairmanship for 2024 has been selected by the board as Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf, Sara Rouvinen, Sofia Rosenberg, and Iita Ihalainen, and as board members Reetta Lepola, Maisa Vallius, Rasmus Teperi, and Roosa Timoniemi.

7th December 2023

At the next board meeting, the board will be organized, and a new board will be elected!

The new board will make the selection of new members at its meeting on December 8, 2023, starting at 1:00 p.m. Board applicants are welcome to introduce themselves at the meeting. In fact, it is highly encouraged!

Board applicants will receive the meeting link via email. Other O'Diako members will receive the meeting link from our executive director at

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