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Overall Patch Competition!

After a long hiatus, the Overall Patch Competition is back!

Do you have a catchy phrase or a hilarious meme stuck in your mind? Can you come up with witty wordplay, or is there something else so amusing that it would fit perfectly on the coveralls of the student community? Now is YOUR chance to DESIGN YOUR OWN PATCH and participate in the competition. The winner's patch will be added to O'Diako's collection of overall patches!

Send your own patch design to the competition between April 4th and April 30th, 2024, and participate in the contest. O'Diako's board will select the winner in May, and the patch will be available in the collection next fall! In addition to fame and honor, the winner will receive 3 winner patches and a little something to brighten up their summer!

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Design Your Patch:

    • Use tools like Canva or any other platform to create your patch.

    • Ensure that your design is accessible—consider colors and fonts for clarity.

  2. Size and Shape:

    • Small overall patches may not display intricate details clearly, so avoid overly complex patterns.

    • You can create a symmetrical patch (square, rectangle, circle, or triangle) with stitched edges. Alternatively, opt for a sharp-cornered or asymmetrical design with laser-cut edges.

  3. Submission Details:

Good luck with the competition!

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