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Principles of Safer Space

Safer space principles are upheld within O'Diako and across the campus, as well as during events. Every individual deserves to feel secure without the fear of any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse, whether it's sexual, physical, or verbal.


Be open and listen - don't assume.


Be respectful of other's physical and emotional limits and respect everyone's privacy and the right to self determination.


Make sure, that both you and others are having nice time - if you need support or help, ask for it.


Make space - make sure, that everyone can be a part of the conversation and can feel included.


Apologize, if you have insulted others, whether it was purposeful or not.


If you witness any kind of harrasment or bullying, always contact us

If you experience or witness behavior that contradicts our principles, don't hesitate to reach out to our designated harassment contacts persons.

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