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Join as a Member

Majority of our activities are funded by membership fees. By becoming a member, you not only get student card benefits but also support our ability to offer services, organize events, and create a better student community. So, take a look at the instructions for ordering a student card and become a member.

Apply for the Representative Council

Representative Council elections are held in late autumn, and the elected council serves for one calendar year. Information about the elections will be provided via email and on the website. The council consists of 12 members and a maximum of 12 alternate members. The council decides on the major policies of the student union, approves the action plan and budget, appoints the board, and appoints the student representatives defined in the university of applied sciences legislation.

The role of the Representative Council is important but not very time-consuming. The council meets an average of 3-6 times a year, and remote participation is possible. At the beginning of each term, there will be an orientation session for the council, so previous organizational experience is not mandatory. Serving on the council can earn you 2 ECTS credits for optional studies.

Only members of O'Diako can run for the Representative Council.

Apply for the Board

Board elections take place after the Representative Council elections at the organizational meeting of the new council. The board consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson, and 4-7 members. Those elected must be members of O'Diako or become members.

The board is responsible for the overall operation of the student union. Board work involves attending meetings approximately once a month, actively working within their assigned sector, and being ready to participate in various seminars and working groups. Board members are responsible for coordinating local activities, ensuring that responsible persons in different areas receive the necessary information and skills for their tasks. The board also receives training for their roles before their term of office.

Board members receive a small compensation, and the board chairperson can earn 5 ECTS credits for their work, while members can earn 3 ECTS credits.

Read more about the board's responsibilities here.

Apply to be a Tutor

Tutor recruitment processes vary depending on the campus. Stay up to date on supplementary recruitments by following each campus's own O'Diako channels.

Tutors assist, guide, and mentor new students in adapting to their new study environment and joining the student community. They advise on study-related matters, improve the atmosphere at the institution, and influence student union activities. Tutors also help organize O'Diako events. Tutors have firsthand experience of studying and can support new students as peers, helping them navigate their studies or referring them to appropriate resources. Tutors introduce students to student culture and integrate them into the community.

Tutoring can earn you study credits:


  • Serving as a tutor: 2 ECTS credits

  • (Depending on the campus, you may serve as a tutor for exchange students and earn 2 ECTS credits)

Join a Team

Joining a team allows you to influence O'Diako's activities and help organize various events.

In the Event and Sports Team, we plan and execute events for the upcoming semester, such as student parties. In the Spiritual Team, we organize spiritual activities for Diak students, such as devotional and musical moments, and assist in services.

The teams are led by board members.

Apply to be a Student Representative

Student representatives for Diak's administrative bodies (Diak Board and Examination Board) are usually recruited in late spring. The term typically lasts for at least one year, depending on the body. Information about the recruitment process will be communicated via email. 

Serving on the Diak Board can earn you 3 ECTS credits, while serving on the Examination Board can earn you 2 ECTS credits.

Materials (some of them in Finnish only)


Rules of student union

Toimintasuunnitelma 2021


Poliittinen ohjelma



O'Diakon kuntanauhaohjeistus

Ohje opintopisteiden hakemiseen järjestötoiminnasta

Privacy policy 

Privacy policy (member register)

Urban policy program in the Metropolitan area

Ohjesääntö opiskelijaedustajien valinnasta

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