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Statement: Decision Impacting Students' Livelihood


The government is reverting students back to the housing allowance under student financial aid

In 2017, significant changes were made to how students receive financial aid. They were shifted to the general housing allowance, but now the government wants to move them back to the housing allowance under student financial aid. This change severely impacts students' ability to sustain themselves, particularly those living independently.

Students only receive the housing allowance when they receive student financial aid. This heightens financial uncertainty among students, adversely affecting their mental well-being. Additionally, it increases their reliance on support, particularly during the summer. This change expedites students' accumulation of debt since they cannot access income support until they take out student loans.

Previous government cuts disproportionately burdened young people and students, causing widespread concern about their financial stability. It is unjust for students to face further cuts. Enhancing our nation's education necessitates financially stable students who can dedicate themselves to their studies. This will enable them to enter the workforce with resilience, contributing to society by repaying their debts.

It's crucial for the government to remember that society is made up of individuals, including students. Therefore, it's essential for the government to reconsider this decision and keep the housing allowance under the general housing system instead of moving it back to the student financial aid system. This would bolster students' financial security and support their academic pursuits.



Sanja Laitinen-Lindelöf 
Chairperson of O'Diako's Board

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