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Diak student overalls are yellow regardless of campus or field of study. The sizes are XS-3XL.

The prices are:

39 € for O'Diako members

78 € for others


Overalls can be purchased regardless of campus on O'Diako web store

In Helsinki, overalls can be picked up from O'Diako office. Please check our opening hours below. You can also try on the overalls at the office before purchase.

Overalls can also be ordered by mail. In this case, we charge 12 € for delivery.

Overalls collected from the office have no right of exchange or return. Overalls ordered by mail have a 14-day cancellation right in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (20 January 1978/38). The goods must be in perfect condition for sale. The expenses for returning the goods are at the responsibility of the customer.

If you want to return the product, please contact

Overall etiquette


1.Overalls are worn in many O'Diako events and in many

other student events. The dress code is often mentioned in the event description of the event.


2. It is good to have a lot of overall patches. Annual

event patches, e.g. Getaway appro patches should be placed close to each other, making the whole look cool! Patches can be purchased at O’Diako office, web store, or from local branches. Facebook, for example, also has overall patch sites and many other organizations also sell their patches on


3. According to the ancient tradition, patches are sewn by HAND

(do not glue or ask your mother to sew with the machine). You don't probably get caught on cheating, but your conscience won't be clean. 


4. Overalls can only be washed so that you are wearing your overalls, for example, in a fountain or even in a beautiful lake nearby. You can google or ask other students about city fountains and other possible washing places!


5. You can exchange the leg of your overalls with your spouse or companion

and a sleeve with a friend, for example. However, this habit is not very rooted among Diak students. Combined overalls can also be worn those who study many fields.


6. Overalls should be worn up to the waist until

the leg part is maximally full of patches. When worn up to the waist, Diak logo should be completely visible and look dignified. If you want to raise your overalls solemnly and with respect for all the general traditions of study life, the raise must take place during the overalls oath, which is led

by the local branch chair in connection with an event.


7. Buying (and marketing to your friends) O’Diako overalls is highly recommended.

8. The overall culture is vivid and these are just recommendations. Neglecting these will not lead to severe sanctions. Enjoy your studies and wear your overalls the way that best suits you. 


Overall patches

O'Diako sells overall patches also on The purchases can be claimed at the office or ordered by mail.

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