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Areas of responsibility in the Board

Advocacy (Social and Educational Policy)


This board member focuses on advocating for social and educational policies. They listen to students' concerns about their well-being and education quality. They also work closely with organizations like WSC, SAMOK, and OPKU+ to address these issues.


Spiritual Activities


This board member organizes non-academic spiritual events at the Helsinki campus. They collaborate with the campus chaplain and St. Paul's parish to arrange these activities. Additionally, they assess students' spiritual needs across different campuses.




This board member oversees tutoring at one campus (Helsinki, Pori, DiakHub, Oulu) and its improvement. They ensure tutors receive proper training, working with experts. They also act as a bridge between tutors and the board, facilitating communication.


International Tutoring


In this role, the board member links O’Diako, Diak, and international students. They advocate for international students' needs, maintain communication with them and their tutors, and ensure they receive essential information from O'Diako.



This board member manages major events for the student union. They gather feedback to improve events and handle event-related procurement, budgeting, and implementation.


Sports and Culture


Responsible for sports and cultural activities, this board member coordinates sports events and addresses related inquiries. They also oversee low-barrier activities to promote student engagement.

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