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The Student Union of Diaconia University of Applied Sciences - O'Diako

Established in 1998, O'Diako is the student union representing all students at Diaconia, regardless of campus or program. We play an active role in the daily lives of Diaconia students by offering peer tutoring and support for all study and student life matters. Our range of activities includes opportunities for student influence, diverse sports options, and a variety of events. As an O'Diako member, you also enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounts on overalls, events, and other products.

By joining O'Diako, you become part of a welcoming community within our student union, where we work together to shape the future for students like you.


O'Diako serves as the official advocacy organization for students at Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. Student union activities are legally mandated, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions.

Additionally, our student union collaborates with various stakeholders to provide tutoring, events, and student discounts. We also keep students informed about important societal issues. As a member, you not only support our activities but also gain access to valuable benefits and the opportunity to attend our representative council meetings.

Supporting members are also warmly welcomed!

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