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​A considerable amount of our funding comes from the membership fees. By becoming a member you improve our possibilities to offer better service, arrange more events and create a better student community.


Become a council member

The council of representatives is elected every year, in the late autumn. The council have their mandate period always in the year following the election. The election notices are sent by email and on the website.

The council consists of 12 ordinary and max. 12 deputy members and they decide about the major guidelines, inclusive the action plan and budget, and nominate the executive board and the statuory student representatives defined by the UAS Act.

The council have an important role, but it doesn't take too much time. The council have approximately 3-6 meetings per year and they can be attended online. An introduction will be arranged so previous work in an NGO is not compulsory. You may have 2 study credits in the elective studies for one year in the council.

Only members of O'Diako are eligible for the council.


Become a board member

The council nominate the new board before their mandate period begins (before Christmas). The board consists of a chairperson, a vice chairperson and from 4 to 7 members. Only O'Diako members are eligible for the board.

The board have the executive responsibility of the student union work. The board work requires attending monthly meetings, activity in the own area of responsibility and possibility to participate in seminars and work groups. The board are responsible of coordinating the local work so that the branch actives of the same area of responsibility have the required knowledge and skills to take care of their responsibilities.

The board will have their own introduction before their mandate period.

The board will get a small monthly reward and study credits: 3 cr for members and 5 cr for the chairperson. 


Become a local branch active


The local branch board is select in the late autumn as well. The number of board members depends of the branch.

The branch board have an important role in that there are trained tutors, high quality events and possibilities to react when student rights are violated.

The branch board may have 3 cr for their work.

Become a tutor


The tutor recruit is usually arranged by the local tutor coordinator, who decides the information channels and arranges the training.

Tutoring takes usually one semester and tutors may have 2 cr.


Become a student representative


Student representatives for Diak Ltd. Board, the Financial Aid Board and the Examination Board are nominated usually in the late spring. The mandate period is at least one year, depending of the board.

The student representative in Diak Ltd. Board may have 3 cr and in

the Examination Board 2 cr.

Sufficient skills in Finnish are required, because the meeting language is Finnish.

Materials (some of them in Finnish only)