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Join Telegram

Join O'Diako's Telegram messaging group to stay informed about all the latest news and updates.

The Telegram group complements our communication on Instagram.

By joining the group, you'll receive immediate access to all the latest information.

You can also join anonymously without sharing your phone number.

Telegram is an independent messaging application that strives to be a neutral platform without geopolitical ties. Its founder, Pavel Durov, has emphasized its independence and desire to keep it free from political pressures. This makes Telegram an attractive option for those who value an open and unbiased communication platform. This information is sourced from an article published by Helsingin Sanomat on April 17, 2024, titled "Viestisovellus Telegram ylittää pian miljardin käyttäjän rajan" (The messaging app Telegram is about to surpass a billion users soon).

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