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International tutoring

At Helsinki campus you can apply for international tutor

The international tutor helps exchange students and international degree students arriving in Finland with practical matters, getting to know Diak and the student community, and helping to adapt to the new country. Being an international tutor is a valuable experience for both the tutor and the student. The tutor can give invaluable help to the student and get the opportunity to gain international experience and get to know different cultures.

No special skills are required to work as an international tutor: O'Diako provides orientation for tutors. Intermediate skills in English are enough.

Tutor can earn 2 credits for elective studies. See instructions for applying for credits here.

The most important tasks of an international tutor:

  • contact the student before arrival

  • meet the student at the airport / train station / bus station

  • pick up the keys and guide the student to the apartment

  • help to obtain a telephone subscription, travel card and bank account (if necessary)

  • introduce student community, student services and benefits

  • be available for questions

In addition, it is good to remember that tutoring is not over when practical matters have been taken care of, but the social side of tutoring is equally important. Introduce the student to other students or do something nice together on your free time!

How to apply for this tutor position?

The tutor search is held twice a year for exchange tutors and in spring for international tutors. The search will be announced on the website and in social media.

More information:

Specialist for guidance and international affairs

Kaisu Ojala​

Board member of international affairs

Rasmus Teperi (Helsinki)

Iita Ihalainen (International)

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