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O’Diako representatives council elections 2023

O’Diako council elections 2023

Become a candidate by 29 Oct!

What is the representatives council?

  • 12 people holding the supreme decisive power, and their deputies.

  • A position which every O’Diako member can apply for.

  • Decides of the annual action plan (what is meant to be done?), the budget (what should the student union do with its money?) and the most important nominations (the O’Diako board and the mandatory student representatives in Diak organs).



  • Experience of work in a student organization (O’Diako has had a significant role for some people’s work or political career)

  • 2 credits/year to your elective studies

  • A possibility to meet and discuss with students from other campuses

  • An exclusive overall patch



  • Participation in the introduction day of the council in November. The date will be announced to the candidates later.

  • Approximately 3–6 meetings during the year 2023 

  • If you use the online connection, you also need a working computer, internet connection and hardware for hearing speech and speaking 

  • Flexible and positive attitude towards working in two languages in the meetings and other communication. 

  • O’Diako membership: The membership fee must be paid by the end of the application period.


The next step

  • Take care of your membership as mentioned before.

  • Fill in the application form by 29 Oct. Please fill in all the information as carefully as possible. You may leave the electoral list -field empty as there are no lists in O’Diako elections.


What happens in the elections?

  • More information about the election will published on a later date.

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